Support Kyrie Irving in his fight against the NBA vaccine mandate

Sign the petition on this page to show you support Kyrie's decision not to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Basketball star Kyrie Irving has been suspended by the Brooklyn Nets for refusing to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

Irving stands to lose upwards of $35,000,000 if he doesn't play this season, or he could lose half of his salary if he's allowed to play games outside of New York.

Regular people everywhere — from nurses and doctors to teachers and technicians — are also losing their jobs globally for refusing to take a vaccine, so it's refreshing to see one of the best point guards in NBA history take a stand for freedom. 

Will this be the reality check that so many employers seem to need?

Let's send the message that fans support free choice, not forced choice.

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  • By Andrew Chapados

PETITION: Support Kyrie Irving

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Goal: 5,000 Signatures

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