Sydney rally against antisemitism expected to draw thousands

Massive crowds are expected to gather in Sydney this weekend for the 'Never Again Is Now' rally aimed at combating rising antisemitism, with prominent speakers and performers scheduled to attend.

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The 'Never Again Is Now' demonstration against antisemitism set to take place this Sunday in the heart of the CBD is expected to draw large crowds.

The event anticipates over 10,000 attendees, marking one of the largest gatherings in recent memory in support of Jewish Australians.

The rally will kick off at 2pm, with a pre-event DJ Youth party adding to the festive atmosphere before the formal proceedings begin.

Former deputy prime minister John Anderson will lead the speakers at 3pm, addressing the crowd on the importance of solidarity in combating antisemitism.

Among the lineup of speakers are notable political figures such as senators Jacqui Lambie and Hollie Hughes, alongside Indigenous affairs activist Warren Mundine.

Religious leaders, including Rev Sandy Grant and Director of Australian Christian Lobby Michelle Pearse, will also lend their voices to the cause.

Organisers underscored the urgency of the rally, citing a staggering 738% increase in reported antisemitic incidents since last October's conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Emphasising unity and social cohesion, they called on Australians to stand together against hatred and discrimination.

The exact location of the rally remains undisclosed due to safety concerns, with organisers ensuring a "large location" in central Sydney. Police presence will be heightened, with both the New South Wales Police Force and Community Security Group (CSG) deploying personnel to maintain public safety.

For more information on upcoming events and how to support the cause, visit

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