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Targeted for associating with a pastor? Volunteer for Artur Pawlowski speaks out

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After daring to remain open for worship despite COVID restrictions, Pastor Artur Pawlowski drew the ire of Alberta Health Services, politicians and lockdown advocates alike. Perhaps most shockingly, however, was the extent of malice the Pawlowski family endured at the hands of fellow citizens.

It is hard to imagine an incident more dramatic than the viral roadside footage of Pastor Artur’s arrest, but in the weeks following, Pastor Artur was assaulted while shopping with his daughter for a birthday cake, experienced an alleged arson at his home, and reportedly had the lug nuts on one of his vehicles loosened, not to mention the repeated incidents of vandalism at his church.

Most recently in the long string of apparently targeted attacks, Monty, a volunteer with Street Church, informed us that someone had fired a pellet or BB gun through his back window as he was driving. It seems now that even daring to help feed the poor alongside Pastor Artur makes you fair game for harassment and violence. Sadly, the politicians who riled up a great deal of the hostility against Pastor Artur and his church have yet to condemn these attacks against him, his family and his community of faith.

In this video I speak with Monty, who shared about his experience of being targeted simply for associating with Pastor Artur.

Restrictions are, for the time being, being relaxed across Alberta, but Alberta Health Services' persecution of pastors has certainly not slowed down. Pastor Artur is facing up to 21 days in jail for feeding the poor and continuing to worship throughout the COVID restrictions. We are covering all of Pastor Artur’s legal fees through our partnership with the Democracy Fund at Consider contributing today if you want to support Pastor Artur’s fight for religious freedom.

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