HORSE CRAP: Pastor Artur's church vandalized after second pastor served

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When congregants arrived at Pastor Artur’s church on Saturday morning, they came upon a vile act of vandalism. A large amount of horse manure was left in the parking lot, which has been serving as an outdoor worship space for the last few months. Garbage and needles were also reportedly found spread throughout the property.

This is not the first act of vandalism to have occurred at the property; nails and dog feces were spread throughout the parking lot previously. Additionally, we have heard numerous allegations of extensive graffiti on the property. Considering the attempted arson at Pastor Artur’s home and the assault he allegedly endured while shopping with his daughter, many are beginning to wonder when the authorities will publicly decry this ongoing discrimination.

As you likely know, Pastor Peter has been filling in for Pastor Artur for a few weeks as Artur deals with court proceedings. Pastor Artur returned for worship last weekend, but this weekend he was in the United States for a speaking engagement. Given renewed threats of arrest following Pastor Peter’s harrowing encounter with police on Friday, Pastor Peter still attended worship, but as a congregant rather than as a worship leader on Saturday.

Aside from a few police vehicles driving by and parking near the church, and one police helicopter fly-over, worship carried on without interruption. We followed Pastor Peter home to ensure he would not experience a roadside arrest like Pastor Artur, and fortunately, he made it home without incident.

Pastor Peter has the legal battle of his life ahead of him, and he is being represented by the brilliant Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers at no cost to him, through our campaign. Just like Pastor Artur, Peter is counting on your help to be able to fight for his fundamental freedoms.

Please go to to help.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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