Pastor Artur allegedly ASSAULTED while buying groceries with his daughter

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Pastor Artur Pawlowski was celebrating his daughter’s baptism and birthday on Saturday. Shortly after we met with him for an interview, he and his daughter went to the grocery store to purchase a few essentials, and most importantly, a birthday/baptism cake. This should have been a routine trip, but the malice and anger that politicians and mainstream media have incited against Artur have made even his normal day-to-day activities a challenge.

You very likely saw that Pastor Artur’s property was subject to suspected arson a few weeks ago. He has also been subjected to threats, his church was vandalized — the list of abuses he has endured goes on, and that is before we even mention the horrific circumstances surrounding his arrest and imprisonment.

The malice towards Artur reached new and troublesome heights on Saturday, when a man approached Artur at the grocery store and began to verbally denigrate him in front of his daughter. Artur suspected the man might be suffering from mental illness, so he quickly paid for his goods and attempted to leave the store. Artur told us that as he was walking to his vehicle, the man charged at him, attacking him repeatedly in front of his daughter and punching him in the head. Artur is well-trained in martial arts, but the assailant was an older man. Artur feared he might injure him if he fought back, so he attempted to retreat repeatedly instead of striking. Artur photographed the attacker and his vehicle before the man left the scene.

Ultimately, Artur reported the incident to police, who asked if he would like to press charges. Artur requested that the man simply be issued a warning. He doesn’t want the guy's life turned upside down. Regardless of what he did, Artur forgave him.

Artur just wants to worship in peace.

Artur was far too gracious to fight his attacker on Saturday, but he is certainly going to fight for his religious freedoms in the court of law. If you want to help him fight and learn more about his story, please go to

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  • By Adam Soos

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