‘The 12 Lies of COVID’: Pro-freedom doctors sing hilarious Christmas carol remix

In this fun riff on a classic Christmas carol, a group raising awareness of issues surrounding COVID-19 vaccines take some jabs at the World Health Organization's director-general and the virus potentially leaking from a lab in China.

‘The 12 Lies of COVID’: Pro-freedom doctors sing hilarious Christmas carol remix
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In a hilarious effort to summarize the medical tyranny people have endured since life with COVID-19 a group that has been raising vaccine injury awareness put a new spin on an old Christmas jingle.

“For the first lie of COVID my Tedros gave to me, a plague made in a laboratory” is the first line in this remix to the classic “Twelve Day of Christmas” tune. That first lyric of the carol, which has been dubbed the “12 lies of COVID”, pokes fun at the pro-lockdown Word Health Organization Director-General  Tedros Adhanom, and the most likely origin of COVID-19.

“The song was a group effort,” Dr. Charles Hoffe, a family doctor from B.C., told Rebel News when inquiring about how the song came to be.

Dr. Hoffe, as well as another B.C. doctor named Stephen Malthouse, can be seen singing the pro-freedom jingle alongside five others, including the president of the Canadian Voters Association, Kari Simpson.

Both doctors have put their careers on the line to advocate for informed consent and medical transparency over the last two years, and they joined Simpson and others to speak at events across Western Canada this fall on a tour called “Justice for the Vaccinated.”

Clearly, these ethical physicians were not silenced by threats from their licensing body last year for allegedly spreading “vaccine hesitancy” as the tour bus the group travelled in was plastered with visuals of Canadians who have been injured by COVID-19 vaccines.

According to Simpson, whom Rebel News acquired the Christmas sing-along footage from, the tour will start up again in the New Year and likely expand to Eastern Canada.

Hopefully this jingle and some quality time spent with loved ones puts you in the Christmas spirit this year. If you appreciate that Rebel News brought you this fun report, consider supporting our independent journalism by donating here — we rely 100% on donations from our supporters and will never take a handout from the government.

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