COVID-19 restrictions are killing Canadians

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For just under one year now, Canadians, and much of the world, have been forced to endure the mandated new normal that comes with heavy handed COVID-19 restrictions. Such restrictions not only infringe upon human rights, they also lead to physical and mental health issues, and even death for many of us.

In today’s report, I go through an inquiry of ministry to the Government of Canada, which has some horrifying figures showing how many Canadians have had surgeries cancelled because oppressive COVID-19 restrictions were in place.

At first, the draconian measures taken to lock down Canadians could have been argued to be reasonable. In March 2020, scientists like Neil Ferguson fuelled pandemic panic by recommending drastic responses to the virus, through their “Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand” report.

Even though it was clear early on that the doomsday pandemic model used for the report was way off, and millions of Americans were not dying from the virus, world leaders and health officials continued to place restrictions that, in many cases, became more deadly than the virus itself.

In the early months of life with COVID-19 restrictions, domestic violence calls surged in Canada. Isolation and substance abuse formed a deadly bond, and our hospitals (which never became truly overwhelmed) cancelled essential surgeries and treatments for people like Jerry Dunham, an Albertan father of two who died after being denied his pacemaker surgery in April 2020.

Still to this day, almost all of our public health officials and bureaucrats continue to ignore the fact that COVID-19 restrictions are in some ways killing us. The cure has in fact been worse than the virus for many.

Click to watch my full report combing through some of the much awaited statistics regarding cancelled surgeries, our unprecedented overdose pandemic and how they correlate with the timing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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