Doctor punished for allegedly encouraging “vaccine hesitancy”

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Some of you may have heard of Dr. Charles Hoffe before. He’s a long time family doctor from Lytton, B.C., who blew the whistle on observing numerous concerning allergic reactions and neurological side effects in his patients after they had taken the Moderna vaccine.

What many of you may not already know is the price Dr. Hoffe has had to pay since bravely speaking out on this issue. Dr. Hoffe has been punished for putting the well-being of his patients over politics, all for the crime of, you guessed it, “creating vaccine hesitancy.”

If our frontline doctors who treat patients with vaccine injuries can’t raise awareness about doing so, then how on earth can the public be properly informed about these approved for emergency use only jabs?

In this video, Dr. Hoffe explains the price he’s had to pay for being oath-centred and committed firstly to doing no harm to his patients.

If you believe that the intimidation and censorship of our brilliant health professionals has no place in Canada, please sign and share our petition at Let’s get an impressive amount of signatures on this petition so that when I deliver it to the licensing bodies of our doctors and nurses, they know we mean business when we say stop the medical silencing.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

Stop Medical Silencing

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