Can 300k votes restore freedom in Canada?

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After well over a year of pro-freedom activists rallying across the country to fight for the restoration of Canada’s constitutional rights, a new group of freedom defenders is suggesting an older strategy to get the job done.

The Canadian Voters Association hopes to do just that, by launching the movement, led by their president, Kari Simpson. The movement aims to unite all of the individual Canadian pro-freedom groups and Canadian freedom lovers alike, empowering them to use their voice and votes to make a difference.

“We the people have the ultimate power, and that’s called our vote, and our voice, and our value as a consumer if we want to use that too,” says Simpson. It’s quite a different message from what is typically heard at many of the pro-freedom rallies we’ve covered since the pandemic was declared. And with speculation of a fall snap election being called, it could end up being a very timely message as well.

Simpson has recently been guest speaking at many freedom minded protests, where a large portion of protesters are typically skeptical of politicians and political parties. Can one really blame them for such skepticism, after seeing next to no representation of their valid concerns regarding government overreach and abundance of infringement on Canadians’ rights since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared? Aside from a handful of political leaders, such as MP and new party leader Derek Sloan, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, and Ontario MPP Randy Hillier?

Watch this full report to hear what the 300K movement is all about, and let us know if you think 300,000 Canadian votes can restore freedom in Canada.

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