MPP Randy Hillier ticketed following anti-lockdown “Pots and Pans Protest”

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Approximately 1,000-1,500 protesters took to the lawns of Ontario's legislature in Toronto for what was known as the “Pots and Pans Rally” for what was an audibly deafening protest at some points, to say the least.

An array of speakers took their turns on the microphone, including the singing of the national anthem; however, most notable was former-Conservative, now-Independent MPP Randy Hillier who continue his objection to the lockdowns.

Hillier also gave his remarks on the Adamson Barbecue fiasco taking place in Toronto, which has seen authorities not only arrest owner Adam Skelly, but seize the property and bar others from entry under the authority of health officials and the Trespass Act.

Hillier echoed many of the sentiments shared by the speakers, focusing on small businesses whom have lost their ability to pursue free enterprise during COVID restrictions, which has seen some businesses locked and chained to prevent them from opening.

New Blue Party member and fellow Independent MPP Belinda Karahalios was also in attendance (but did not speak to the crowd) remarking the following in regards to the provincial government:

"They're not listening, and they're not putting their resources and the money behind the vulnerable populations which we know need it most."

Following the event, the Adamson Barbecue owner was arrested and mounted police forces blocked entrance to the establishment. You can see Rebel News' coverage of the arrest as it was happening below.

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