Trudeau, Scheer publish nearly identical tweets in support of Antifa thug. What’s going on?

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Did you see this tweet from Andrew Scheer?

This is sad news. Threats of violence and intimidation are absolutely unacceptable in Canada.

And as you can see, he’s retweeted a comment by a CBC reporter named Suresh Doss. But it’s pretty much identical to this tweet from Justin Trudeau, written just an hour earlier: 

Hatred and threats of violence have no place in Canada. We are always stronger together than when we're divided.

So let me read what was in the tweet from the CBC. It was an image from the Instagram page of a Syrian restaurant called Soufi’s.

"As a result of numerous hate messages and death threats we’ve received over the past week, we’ve decided to permanently close our shop."

It sounds like there was no incident, no attack, no property damage, no assault, not even a shout or a shove. From what I read above, it sounds like maybe a mean comment on Facebook? But they said death threats. So that sounds pretty serious. What does the media have to say?

Here's the CBC:

Toronto restaurant closes after death threats arise from relative's involvement in Bernier protest

Did Maxime Bernier make the death threat? The CBC sure want you to think so.

Some protesters attempted to prevent people from entering the building and one video, which was widely shared among Bernier supporters, shows several protesters blocking the path of 81-year-old Dorothy Martson and her husband.

So that’s how the CBC describes what happened. But I'll show you a video of this incident. You might have seen it already:

Screaming at an 81-year-old that she’s a Nazi. "Blocking the path"? There was no path — she herself was being blocked. By some thug wearing a mask, terrorist style.

Did the CBC tell the truth there?

Their son, an employee of the restaurant, was wearing a mask. We know that, because he’s stupider than your average Antifa, who dresses all in black. Instead, this guy wears that same orange shirt a lot; you can also see his tattoo.

It’s the same guy — the son, Alaa. That's the "relative."

You’d think he’d be down on his knees every day thanking Allah for bringing him out of Syria and out of Saudi Arabia, two of the worst countries in the world, where protesting is illegal.

Instead, he hates us.

We know that’s Trudeau’s game. He still has that Hijab Hoax tweet up.

But Andrew Scheer? Almost an identical tweet to Trudeau? Why? Supporting an Antifa thug?

Yeah. Because the CBC says it’s cool. And that’s what being a Conservative leader means, I guess:

Cheering for the Antifa Syrian migrant who blocked an 81-year-old lady.

Good grief.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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