Kanye West finds Jesus — and the celebrity left doesn’t know what to do

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Kanye West is one of the best-selling musicians of all time: 140 million records sold, if you measure it the old-fashioned way. 21 Grammy awards.

He's also an entrepreneur, fashion designer, a polymath. And he married Kim Kardashian, too.

Kanye West is in the news whenever he says something interesting — including irritating or annoying things, or certainly political things. He famously denounced George Bush as racist in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes he’s tasteless, like when he grabbed the microphone away from Taylor Swift when she was receiving an award, to tell her she didn’t deserve it.

But really, he’s a celebrity singer-songwriter-rapper-fashionista. Should we really pay too much attention to what he says? My rule of thumb is usually “no.”

But something’s happened to Kanye West. He went very Trumpy a few years back, wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat. He met Trump at the White House; he started talking about how Blacks are still slaves — to the Democrats.

Now he's started popping up again. Not in massive stadium concerts with rap music, a musical sort of church service. This month, Kanye West — who used to rap about sex and drugs and guns and conspicuous consumption — published his new album called Jesus is King.

If you thought that endorsing Trump would rock the boat — imagine endorsing Jesus Christ.

He's doing the celebrity circuit, promoting his new album like he's always done, but of course this time, it's different.

TONIGHT I'll show you how various liberal talk show hosts are treating this new Kanye, and his Christian music.

Because let's face it: Hollywood is fine with anything — sex, drugs, lies, violence. Just not Jesus...

This will be an entertaining show, with lots of clips. But what's fascinating is the difference between how a white liberal host treated Kanye, and how a black host who's big in the hip hop community responded. The contrast is revealing.

And a lot of what Kanye himself has to say — about politics, about the language used in hip hop, about religion — may surprise you.

I don't know Kanye West, but I believe he's sincere.

And I believe that what he’s doing — tackling the culture, leading by example — is perhaps the most important non-partisan movement in America today.

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