INTERVIEW: The FULL STORY of Pastor Artur's latest arrest

Nathaniel Pawlowski joins Adam Soos to provide details on the shocking New Year's Day arrest of his father, Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

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With the new year upon us, Calgary police and Alberta government officials have already doubled-down on their ongoing persecution and harassment of Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

You have no doubt seen the troubling footage of Pastor Artur’s third dramatic arrest, which took place on New Year’s day. It is just the latest in an ongoing series of harassment, imprisonment and absurd sanctions brought against Artur and his brother Dawid for daring to keep their church open and feed the poor throughout COVID-19.

While we know from the footage what happened during Artur’s arrest, details about the events leading up to it and the reasons for the arrest were not clear.

We joined Nathaniel Pawlowski, Artur’s son, who provided us with footage of the arrest and was with Artur and Dawid at the time of the arrest, for a first person testimony of what happened. Nathaniel also discussed the harassment his family has endured, Premier Jason Kenney’s comments on the incident and an provided us with update on his dad’s situation.

In the coming days we will also be joined by Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers — who is being provided as legal counsel to Artur at no cost thanks to your generous support at — for a legal breakdown of exactly what transpired this weekend, and about out plan to push back against this ceaseless government overreach.

If you want to stand in solidarity with Pastor Artur Pawlowski, you can do so by signing our petition and contributing to Artur’s legal fees at

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