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Thousands of people show up to support huge Edmonton anti lockdown truck convoy

Thousands of supporters braved a snowstorm to cheer on the truckers and farmers in the noisy spectacle against lockdown restrictions.

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Dozens of tractors, one school bus, and 10 hay bales joined hundreds of trucks in a convoy near the Alberta legislature grounds on Saturday afternoon in a symphony of honks and freedom.

The Edmonton convoy drew truckers from across Alberta and was organized in support of the Ottawa Convoy for Freedom that has settled in for a second week in the nation's capital. What started as a movement of truckers against vaccine mandates to cross the border has now grown into a nationwide movement to reject vaccine passports, forced masking and other lockdown limits on freedom.

The Edmonton convoy and protest, like the one in Ottawa, and the others in cities and towns across the country, was largely peaceful with police intervention only needed for a handful of jaywalkers with Canadian flags on hockey sticks.

Unlike the mainstream media, which seeks to downplay the size of the convoys and denormalize the concerns of those in attendance, Rebel News was there, in the snow and the cold, with the people to ask why they were there and if they trust Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to keep his word to re-open Alberta this week.

Rebel News had reporters in 9 cities across Canada covering convoys on Saturday, and we do it all without a dime from the government. We are able to do our work through the generosity of our viewers and with the trust of the people we are covering. To support our independent journalism, please visit


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