Tommy Robinson headlines event in Toronto days after arrest

Following his recent arrest in Calgary, and subsequent release with the help of Rebel News, British political commentator Tommy Robinson spoke to supporters who attended the free-speech themed event in Toronto.

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Tommy Robinson arrived in Montreal, Canada on June 17 following a three-hour wait for an immigration interview. He travelled to Canada to participate in various podcasts and to speak at three Rebel News events. The first event was held in Calgary on June 24, where Tommy was arrested by undercover police officers after his speech.

The second event, a stop in Edmonton, had to be cancelled because Tommy was banned from travelling outside of Calgary. A significant judicial saga followed, which saw Rebel News hiring a lawyer to fight for Tommy's release (thanks to your support at before he was permitted to go to Toronto for the final event ahead of his return back to London.

In the end, many supporters of Tommy's attended the Toronto event at the Eglinton Grand, where we asked attendees why it was important for them to be there.

"Tommy Robinson needs more people to understand him. It’s all about freedom. He’s here in Canada, and I think the Canadian freedom fighters also need to know about him," one said.

Another attendee shared, "Tommy Robinson is like a folk hero. Our government tries to shut down people like him who stand out. It’s important for people like that to be supported, especially since he’s done time for us."

Others expressed their reasons for attending: "I want to be part of this history. This is history for me," while someone else mentioned "Tommy represents all of us in the West. We see what's going on in all Western countries. Tommy Robinson is one of the leading voices in the world to combat that."

One individual recounted a personal experience, saying, "My son experienced violence at the hands of recent immigrants. It was devastating for our family. It took us a long time to get over it. I didn’t realize what the true event was until I heard Tommy Robinson talking about how they do it."

Another attendee emphasized, "You're free to criticize religion in Canada, but if you criticize Islam, you are called racist. I’m here because Tommy Robinson's voice needs to be heard, even if I don’t agree with everything he says."

Reactions to Tommy's arrest were also strong. One person noted, "I was shocked. He didn’t do anything wrong. Our government’s handling of people they don’t like is just shameful."

Finally, another attendee remarked, "Tommy is a threat to them. If they can silence him by confining him to a city like Calgary, they will prevent him from spreading his message."

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