Toronto Star takes aim at Poilievre's message of 'hope': Ezra Levant weighs in

On yesterday's live stream, Ezra Levant discussed how media outlets like the Toronto Star have attempted to portray Poilievre's populist support as dangerous.

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During yesterday's live stream, Ezra Levant discussed Pierre Poilievre's victory in the Conservative Party leadership race as well as the reaction from publications such as the Toronto Star.

Commenting on Poilievre's message of restoring hope and the subsequent reaction from the media, Ezra stated, "He said 'restore hope, rekindle hope.' You know I see the Toronto Star saying he's full of rage, he's Trump, he's negative, he's full of hate...the words restore hope, rekindle hope — that's sort of positive language to me."

Ezra went on to comment on the Toronto Star's coverage of Poilievre's rise and victory saying in part, "Yeah, that's where the violence is coming from. Not the government that deployed riot police to literally stomp on peaceful protesters, that seized hundreds of bank accounts because you dared to criticize the king. Yeah, the trouble is the opposition leader for 'opposing too oppositionally.'"

As reported by Rebel News, Poilievre won the Conservative Party leadership race on Saturday with just over 68% of the vote.

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