Trans University of Alabama student tries to join female sororities, gets rejected

In a refreshing plot twist, the biological male was unable to join any of the female sororities at the University of Alabama.

Trans University of Alabama student tries to join female sororities, gets rejected
grantelisikes / Instagram
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Libs of TikTok recently shared a video on Twitter announcing that “biological males are now participating in rush week to join a sorority at University of Alabama.”

Grant, a biological male who identifies as a female, posted a video on TikTok wearing a black dress expressing excitement that it is the first day of 'Sisterhood Round' which, as Mashable writes, is “when representatives from the chapters deliver presentations and address conversation topics that focus on their chapter's unique sisterhood and culture.”

Grant's Instagram, which has a  following of over 19,000 people, includes she/her pronouns in its bio and photos posing in heavy makeup and women’s clothing.

Libs of TikTok’s tweet, which garnered almost 10,000 likes, 2,500 retweets, and 1,007 quote tweets, drew a lot of negative attention from conservatives who found Grant’s video to be disturbing and a sad attempt to erase women:

Fortunately for the female students at the University of Alabama, Grant was rejected from every single chapter, and posted a memo on Instagram announcing that “this chapter is closed” but they are “hopeful for a future where everyone is welcomed for just being themselves — everywhere.”

As Evie writes, “The comments [on the post] are overwhelmingly in his favor, encouraging him to stay strong and keep going."

HaleyJakobson writes: “Such eloquent words from a beautiful soul ❤️ I know that the microcosm of college can seem like EVERYTHING & that in this moment a loss like this can feel so so big, but as someone who felt a bit boxed in in school, I promise that a much bigger and brighter queer world is waiting for you 🌈♥️ you’re an absolute star.”

User MackenzieThePlanner commented: “Your maturity and classiness shines through in this message. Great things are in your future and no one can take that away. Sending so much love and strength. ♥️"

Although shockingly, some women appear to support their own erasure, it’s refreshing to see that the University of Alabama wants to keep some female student organizations strictly female.

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