Tallying Trudeau's financial aid to communist China

China has the world's largest population, the second-largest economy and a space program with eyes on going to Mars in 2020.

The Communist dictatorship has also held 2 Canadian hostages for over a year, has large scale internment camps for religious minorities, and special residential schools meant to re-educate Uyghur and Kazakh children.

China is also breaking the Montreal Protocol and continuing to emit CFCs despite the global compact to end their use.

So why does Justin Trudeau send China millions of dollars in foreign aid?

Today I'll show you the Ministry of Global Affairs documents breaking down some of the foreign aid Canada sends to China every year.

China doesn't need our help. But more importantly they don't deserve it.

sria-rsai-2017-18-en by The Rebel on Scribd

  • By Ezra Levant

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