Trudeau says Canadians should agree on 'common set of facts'

'The mainstream media has failed to incorporate other voices in it.'

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed Trudeau's latest attempt at online censorship through the upcoming online harms act.

On Wednesday, radio host Ryan Jespersen asked Trudeau why taxpayers should continue to invest in journalism.

"There are the conspiracy theorists … trying to do everything they can to … prevent people from agreeing on a common set of facts on CBC and CTV," claimed the Prime Minister. "Any government that chooses to step up and say, 'this is the mainstream view,' if not careful, [can] actually compromise those organizations as being [government] mouthpieces," he added.

"So how do we actually shift that?" asked Jespersen. "One of the ways you do it is [to] create opportunities for strong clear voices like yours — like this show — to be a source of news where people are actually drawing on real conversations and evidence-based presentations," replied Trudeau.

"Where necessary, there are massive changes that need to happen in our media landscape and [the] government can try and create conditions and incentives for it to happen," he continued.

Trudeau later informed Jespersen that suggestions his government is "trying to buy off journalists" is false. But Canadians don't buy his malarky.

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