Trudeau gov't practices safe relations with China, abstains from genocide vote

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a brave stance against a foreign adversary in the House of Commons on February 22. While the opposition parties voted unanimously to condemn the actions of the Chinese regime as genocide, the Trudeau government — represented by Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau, while the rest of the cabinet didn't attend, abstained from voting.

In the end, 266 of Canada's 388 Members of Parliament — including Liberal backbenchers — voted in support of the motion to condemn the Chinese regime's actions as genocide.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, independent Canadian journalist Spencer Fernando joined Ezra to discuss the spineless approach from the prime minister, especially given his previous acceptance of Canada as having committed genocide against missing and murdered indigenous women.

Speaking about Prime Minister Trudeau's approach to dealing with the Chinese Communist Party, Spencer told Ezra that:

If you look back at Trudeau's history, his father was very much pro-Communist and pro-China — a big fan of dictatorships, Communist dictatorships. So, I think that a lot of that was instilled in Trudeau from a young age and I think he really can't break out of it. I think that's still his mindset. I think at his core he's much more pro-dictatorship or pro-China than he's pro-Western civilization for example. You know, pro-Canada, the Anglosphere, the U.S., the U.K., that history. 

And I think he just can't break out of it, and then I think there's some people who — and it's not necessarily that they're bought off or anything — but, I think that there's some people who are unable to adjust to how China's changed.

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