Trudeau Liberals want to create more “hate speech” laws to regulate the internet

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The Trudeau Liberals want to regulate digital speech. It's a priority for them that this gets done before the next election.

They have said it time and time again.

Trudeau’s Minister of Heritage Steven Guilbeault has said that he wants media to get a license before being allowed to distribute content in Canada.

Then he and the Liberal Government doubled down on that plan in the throne speech on Wednesday, saying that online hate would be regulated. Whatever that means.

See, online hate, and indeed hate of all kinds, is already illegal via Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code. Real hate — and what Justin Trudeau calls hate —  are two different things though.

Will Trudeau outlaw "hate speech" against his government? Against Antifa?

What exactly is hate speech, and do you trust Trudeau to define that? Outside of the House of Commons, we spoke to Minister Guilbeault, the minister responsible for this file — you have to see the reaction.

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