Trudeau pumps the brakes on his latest gun grab

The Liberals, after much public outcry, were forced to walk-back the hunting gun ban.

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The Canadian government's continued efforts to restrict firearms ownership is causing controversy among law-abiding gun owners.

And the latest Liberal plan to scapegoat law-abiding Canadian firearms owners for the failed progressive policies in big cities is not dead and gone.

The attacks on Canadian sports shooters started with an undemocratic order in council in May of 2020, which started as a prohibition of 1500 models of popular shotguns and rifles and grew to a list of 1800.

Then that ban included the grandfathering out of handgun ownership, which will put an end to Olympic and other competitive pistol shooting sports in Canada.

And that prohibition quickly grew into a hunting gun ban after a last-minute amendment to Trudeau's gun control legislation added semi-automatic centre-fire rifles and shotguns capable of receiving a five-round magazine.

The Liberals, after public outcry, were forced to walk-back the hunting gun ban. However, the Liberals were never able to keep their stories straight about what they were banning and when, so why would anyone believe them now?

The Liberals will resurrect their gun control measures. They always do.

Joining me tonight to discuss the Liberals hitting the panic button on their sneaky, last-minute attempts to outlaw hunting in Canada, and what Canadians who care about their rights can do to get involved, is Rick Igercich, the president of Canada's National Firearms Association.


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