Trudeau's former sidekick says burning down churches is “understandable”

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So many Christian churches across Canada have been set ablaze or vandalized that it's becoming hard to even keep track. Worse yet, the wheels of justice are still barely in motion in response to these attacks — despite many of them occurring on indigenous land.

Things have gotten so bad that even First Nations leaders and members have taken to pleading with people to stop attacking their churches.

One person who doesn't seem to have a lot of sympathy for these Christian churches is a former sidekick and right-hand man to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Gerald Butts. Butts, responding in a tweet about the churches, described the attacks as “understandable.”

On a Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant shared his thoughts on Butts' understanding of these attacks.

Can you imagine him saying that about a Muslim mosque being torched or vandalized? And not just one, I'm talking about 20.

Guys, it's understandable. I understand it. What's wrong with you, you're too stupid to understand it? I mean, it's not cool. And by the way, I have the right to say this, because 40 years ago I did something as an altar boy and I hate it, so it's understandable. Burn it all down.

Listen, if the right-hand man to Justin Trudeau can say it, why can't the “civil liberties” boss in B.C. say it? This is the state we're in.

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Rebel News is offering a $10,000 reward for a tip that leads to an arrest in these arson attacks against Christian churches. Visit for more information or to submit a tip.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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$10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest of the criminals who are burning down Canadian churches.


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