Ezra Levant: Stop giving money to people who cheer the arson of churches

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Harsha Walia, the executive director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, calls to "burn it all down." What specifically is she referring to? The arson of churches that has been taking place across Canada. 

According to the BCCLA’s financial statements, last year, they got a $380,000 grant from the B.C. Law Foundation, a public interest foundation that tries to improve the law. The B.C. Law Foundation gets its money in a weird way, explains Ezra Levant. Whenever a client of a lawyer gives that lawyer some money to hold, it earns interest. The B.C. Law Foundation takes that money and distributes it to various causes, some of which are good, and a great deal of which is hard-left-wing. 

Rebel News also has legal work in B.C., so that includes some of our money. So Ezra asked Rebel News lawyers to draft a letter to the B.C. Law Foundation asking them to stop giving money to "this race-baiting, arson-cheering nut bar." Let Walia raise her own money, he says.

You can see the full letter and find more information about the $10,000 reward Ezra is offering for information leading to an arrest of a suspected church arsonist at FindTheArsonist.com.

This is only an excerpt of yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. To watch the full episode, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

Find the Arsonist

$10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest of the criminals who are burning down Canadian churches.


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