Twitter suspends prominent Antifa accounts

Twitter suspends prominent Antifa accounts
AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus
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Twitter has issued a number of suspensions of pro-Antifa accounts with large followings. The wave of bans comes amid controversy over the censorship of former President Donald Trump and numerous conservative voices on the social media network.

Antifa expert and journalist Andy Ngo reported on Thursday that at least four accounts tied with the militant leftist group have been permanently banned from the social media network. Ngo listed the accounts as @JewishWorker, @RevAbolition, @RevAbolitionNYC, and @TheBaseBK, which the New York Post describes as linked to an anarchist center in Brooklyn, NY. 

The Post states that archived web pages of the Antifa accounts show that they shared over 71,000 followers and were several years old. All four pages have since been suspended. 

A number of leftist Twitter users rallied against the suspension of the four accounts, which led to calls to action under the banner of the violent group in New York City. The city has faced riots both before and after President Biden’s inauguration, with many of its militants equating the Democratic leadership to “fascists,” a claim that was also levied against the former Trump administration.

“Our comrades w The Base (@TheBasebk), an anarchist social center in Brooklyn, NY of 9 years now took this Twitter thing seriously. Reaching a platform of 17k followers they pushed a very specific line where politics were never blurred. Today, Twitter took their account down, and now there’s a void,” Antifa Sacramento tweeted on Thursday.

Over the past few days, Antifa members have been captured on video destroying businesses in the streets of Seattle and Portland. In Seattle, violent militants vandalized the historic Starbucks coffee shop and burned an American flag in protest of Biden. 

In Portland, members of the group carried a banner that read “WE DON’T WANT BIDEN — WE WANT REVENGE!”

It remains to be seen how the Biden administration will react to the new surge of far-left violence, which seemed to have temporarily quieted after Biden won the presidential election in November 2020.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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