Two-tier society comes early in Ontario: Argos vs. Ti-Cats game features vax pass

But why? Ontario’s mandatory vax passport doesn’t kick in until Sept. 22

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As is usually the case, the Toronto Argonauts went down to defeat at the paws of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at their traditional Labour Day Classic game.

But there was something very unusual about Monday’s matchup: not only did fans have to provide a ticket to get in the ballpark, but they had to show proof of vaccination (or a recent negative COVID-19 test result).

Yes, here was a CFL game on a holiday Monday in which the security staff was stating, “Your papers, please!”

And those who were without proof were turned away at the gate.

(The question arises: do they at least get their money back?)

But what was the reason for this other than yet more virtue-signalling from the COVID-Karen contingent? Last time we checked, the vax passport in Ontario doesn’t kick in until Sept. 22, thanks to Premier Doug Ford’s most recent policy flip-flop.

So, what drove the Hamilton Tiger-Cats organization to prematurely discriminate against their vaccinated and non-vaccinated fan base?

And to show how ridiculous the policy is, fans STILL had to wear masks. And, social distancing was observed in the stadium (well, that’s not quite true: social distancing was observed in the nose-bleed seats, but not the prime lower-bowl seats because… well, perhaps the Wuhan virus hates cheapskates but respects deep-pocketed season ticket holders. Science!)

Likewise, did anyone notice the attendance of U.S. college football games on the weekend?

Such as the game in Ann Arbour, Mich., in which some 109,000 fans packed “the Big House”? Why do the Wolverines get to play in front of a full house but the Ticats were limited to 15,000 fans? Again, science, surely!

As for those football fans that did not have their “papers”? Well, we found some loyal (albeit unvaxxed) Ticat and Argo fans at the nearby Touchdown Pub on Barton Street.

And so it is, sports fans, that in the new world order courtesy of Vax Nation, the fully vaxxed are welcome at the playpen to watch a game live, while all the rest can stay home or go to a patio-equipped restaurant to watch the game on TV.

It’s for your safety, of course…

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  • By Ezra Levant

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  • By Ezra Levant

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