'United non-compliance' street picnic protest takes over Toronto's Greektown

Protesters opposed to Ontario's vaccine passport gathered for a picnic this weekend on Danforth Ave., in Toronto's Greektown, which is home to numerous restaurants.

'United non-compliance' street picnic protest takes over Toronto's Greektown
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The vaccine passport in Ontario, implemented by Premier Doug Ford's government beginning on September 22, has received backlash and has now become the central focus for protests across the province. For a second time, demonstrators in the Greater Toronto Area who are opposed to a so-called “show me your papers” society have taken to the street for “picnic protest.”

As of now in Ontario, individuals are required to provide their vaccine status for a plethora of activities such as: going to gyms, nightclubs and concerts, along with dining indoors

This is all done under the guise of safety, despite Canada being ranked in the top 10 countries for vaccination rates in the world. 

There's little mention how those who are fully vaccinated can still spread COVID-19, like was recently pointed out in British Columbia, by Vancouver Coastal Health Chief Medical Officer Patricia Daly. Daly admitted in recent a COVID update that the vaccine passports are not about reducing transmission, but coercing citizens to increase the vaccination rates.

There have been regular weekly 'freedom rallies' calling for the end vaccine passports, mandates, and draconian COVID-19 restrictions, such as business closures and unjust fines dished out across across Canada for what is quickly approaching nearly two years now.

'Worldwide Freedom' rallies have drawn tens of thousands to the streets in downtown Toronto and cities across the Canada.

In response to restaurants refusing unvaccinated customers on Danforth Avenue, a popular district for dining, an activist named Rose P. organized, for the second time, something she calls the “United Non-Compliance Street Picnic” to show businesses the potential customers they are losing for enforcing a discriminatory policy based on medical choice.

Rose said that “the government is simply not going to back off from the vaccine passport and the forced vaccine mandates just because we wish for them to do so. We must stand up and take action.”

The protest was organized through a Telegram group to prevent censorship from tech giants, with dozens of protesters showing up for the picnic — along with a dozen Toronto police officers, as well as the mounted unit, with the officers guiding the protesters as they set up single file along the street in the heart of Toronto's Greektown.

The corporate media labels vaccine mandate protesters as “anti-vaxxers,” however the group assembled for the picnic say they are pro-choice when it comes to an individual's medical decisions.

They say they stand for the rights of Canadians, granted through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our rights, however, are not absolute and are “subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by laws as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

Rose continued:

We believed in freedom of choice. We are not anti-vaxxers. We are standing up for our Canadian rights. Nobody should be forced to take this xax. We all must do our part to save Canada before it's too late.

Food was shared amongst the group, and the atmosphere was festive despite of several hecklers yelling at the crowd.

On two occasions, each lasting one minute, protesters locked arms and stopped traffic in an attempt to bring awareness to commuters.

If you are opposed to vaccine passports and mandates across Canada, head to FightVaccinePassports.com to help us fight back. Rebel News, in partnership with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, are targeting a small number of highly strategic cases to set a precedent against vaccine mandates and passports. To tell us your story, or to help fund our efforts, visit FightVaccinePassports.com.

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