“It's a terrible waste of taxpayers money”: Reporter fined for shaking hands with a protester

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Every Sunday at noon at Hamilton’s City Hall there is a freedom rally to stand up against the draconian lockdown restrictions that have been in place for over a year now. I cover these rallies to show you the absurd waste of our tax resources and sheer intimidation.

You may have seen my earlier encounter with the revenue agents and armed thugs that came out of City Hall where I was charged $1,440 in fines for, get this — shaking hands with protesters.

Yeah, $1,440 for reporting on an anti-lockdown protest. The City of Hamilton employees and police alike were humiliated online when that video went viral. For people watching from across the world, it’s hard to believe that these measures are all for our collective health.

That was my third week being ticketed for shining a light on the darkness that comes across City Hall every week. The first week by Matthew Huber (he/him), followed by Officer Raza on the second week and finally bylaw officer Michael Giesbrecht.

So naturally, I went back the following weekend on May 30. Wouldn’t you know, these taxpayer-funded cowards refused to show their face and attempt to intimidate me for reporting and the protestors for peacefully demonstrating.

Instead, our elected officials directed one lone officer, in something of a “psy-op” in my opinion, to come by and wave to the protesters, and walk away.

As if the last six months of constant financial intimidation and assaults by the state would be forgotten. That’s just my opinion — watch the video here and ask yourself why, for the first time in half a year, the city would simply send an officer to come by to do a round of waves.

I had predicted that these cowards would continue ticketing despite not even showing up in person. They gather their intel from the plethora of security cameras around the building. One of the protesters, Kimberly Riddell, reached out to me and showed me a picture of her $560 municipal ticket that she received later in the week. I’m awaiting an alleged trespass notice for peacefully reporting. They have no shame.

I interviewed the small group of demonstrators to get their thoughts on the last couple of months and what they think the future brings. For now, it seems that thanks to you, Rebel News viewers, things are changing for the better.

If you want to help fight back against these sorts of unjust fines, head over to FightTheFines.com, where we have our largest civil liberties campaign to date. We hire top-notch lawyers to defend peaceful demonstrators and others who have received these tyrannical fines.

We are also now working with a registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund, so you will receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation.

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  • By David Menzies

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