UPDATE: Business booming at J&W Foods after our interview!

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You may recall our interview with Bill Fehr, co-owner of J&W Foods in Toronto’s east end. Bill is passionate and well-spoken when it comes to decrying the economic lockdown that is clearly doing more harm than good. Indeed, the most frequent statement logged in our comments was a plea from viewers that Bill should run for political office (we concur!).

The reason we initially visited J&W Foods is that bylaw continues to harass this operation — for OBEYING the bylaw!

You see, Bill actually respects those patrons who are unable to wear a mask. Thus, if you cannot wear a face-diaper, you are more than welcome to shop at J&W without any sort of hassle or condemnation. COVID-Karens aren’t tolerated here. And accommodating those who cannot wear the mask is indeed written into the bylaw. Yet, bylaw enforcement officers continue to visit and hassle Bill for… well, for NO reason! It’s insane.

On Thursday, the day of the Great Canadian Retail Rebellion (which, alas, never materialized due to, in part, intimidation tactics by the state), we dropped by Bill’s shop for an update. Here’s what he told us:

  • In the interview, Bill mentioned the tragic story of a customer who died by suicide due to his two businesses folding thanks to the lockdown. The man left behind a wife and children (the wife was so distraught that she almost fainted during a visit to J&W Foods). Incredibly, Bill has had customers visit his store with envelopes stuffed with cash for this woman, and he is desperate to give her this money. His plea: if anyone knows who this woman is, please have her get in touch with Bill.

  • Since the Rebel News video aired, Bill says J&W Foods has never been busier. The most frequently heard comment new customers make: “I saw your interview on Rebel News and I wanted to show my support.”

  • Since our video aired, mainstream media outlets have reached out to Bill, also wanting to do a story on J&W Foods. Bill isn’t taking the bait, though, because he knows how the Media Party depicts freedom fighters like him. When I asked Bill what he said to the inquiring CBC producer, Bill declined to repeat his direct quotation, noting that he is “a Christian man.”

  • Finally, Bill is busily working on setting up a new component to J&W Foods: a gym. Bill says he plans to open a fitness facility in the unit next door in the weeks ahead. Bylaw enforcement officers will lose their minds, no doubt. After all, in Doug Ford’s Ontario, one is expected to stay in the basement baking cherry cheesecake, rather than going to the gym to pump iron or get on a treadmill. So much for those old Participaction ads…

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  • By David Menzies


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