UPDATE: Legal action launched against Alberta government's vaccine passport

We joined lawyer Chad Williamson for a breakdown of the basis for this important challenge.

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Thanks to your generous support at FightVaccinePassports.com, we are launching legal challenges against vaccine mandates across Canada.

One of the latest challenges has been filed by Chad Williamson of Williamson Law. It is against Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw and Alberta Health Services, in response to the denial of rights and freedoms that has resulted from the so-called Restriction Exemption Program, which is the government of Alberta’s vaccine passport system.

Named in the challenge are three applicants; Amanda Robinson who has both a religious and medical vaccine exemption, Joseph Kenny whose freedom of association and political protest has been impeded by COVID legislation, and Joseph Rylance who has a religious exemption from vaccination.

Also listed in the challenge are John and Jane Doe(s), an addition which opens the legal proceeding to adding potential additional applicants to the application, in addition to potentially allowing rulings from the case to set an important precedent for other folks in similar situations.

We joined Chad Williamson for a breakdown of the basis for this important challenge. He also answered our questions about the struggles and delays people are facing in getting justice and answers in light of all the rights and freedoms violations that we have seen as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine passport systems.

If you want to help us challenge vaccine passports in court, go to FightVaccinePassports.com and contribute today. Your donations will help us hire top-notch lawyers like Chad to fight in our David vs. Goliath battle against vaccine segregation.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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