SHOCKING UPDATE: Pastor Derek Reimer remains behind bars following two court hearings

Contrary to prior reports, Pastor Derek Reimer has not been released and is not missing — he remains locked in a Calgary remand centre.

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Pastor Derek Reimer's legal fight has been taken on by The Democracy Fund, a registered charity that aims to advance civil liberties in Canada. To help Pastor Reimer fight his these charges, and to receipt a tax-receipt for doing so, please visit

UPDATE (4 p.m. MT March 03, 2023): Rebel News has confirmed that Pastor Derek Reimer remains locked behind bars following what was described as a “contested bail hearing” last night. Reimer was to be released on bail with conditions, which he felt he could not abide by in good conscience. In addition to the mischief and disturbance charges, Reimer is facing eight charges in total, police told Global News. Crown prosecutors are apparently contemplating pursuing hate-related charges as well. The pastor had another court hearing today, and has another appearance scheduled for Monday.

Original story continues below:

Yesterday, a pastor was arrested in Calgary on charges stemming from a protest at a public library where an all-ages drag queen story time event was being held. Pastor Derek Reimer was seen in a video posted to social media being physically removed from the venue.

Despite being forcefully removed from the library, Reimer was charged with mischief and causing a disturbance by Calgary police. The Canadian Press reports that police described the incident at Seton Library as a “hate-motivated crime.”

Reimer's arrest follows Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek's declaration that she would be instructing authorities in the city to target all-ages drag event protesters.

Rebel NewsAngelica Toy was on the scene at the Spy Hill remand centre where the pastor was being held, where an officer told Rebel News that Reimer had been released at midnight. But as Toy points out, Reimers current whereabouts remains unclear, and “we have been unable to officially confirm that [statement] through the jail.”

She was also one of the last people to speak with the pastor before his arrest.

One protester playing Christian music and reading the Gospel is outside of the remand centre showing support for Pastor Reimer. A fellow persecuted pastor in Alberta, Artur Pawlowski, who now leads the Independence Party of Alberta, plans to hold a press conference in support of Reimer later today.

Like many of the pastors jailed during Alberta's COVID-19 lockdown, Reimer is receiving legal backing from The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, to fight the charges against him. You can learn more about Reimer's story or help support his fight at

Rebel News boss Ezra Levant joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News last night to explain Reimer's situation.

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