UPDATE: Somebody's STILL USING John Tory's Florida mansion

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We caught him. We caught one of the people partying at John Tory’s Florida house — and he saw that we caught him. What’s so crazy is — they’re still doing it. Even after our big expose on Tuesday!

On Monday, we showed you blockbuster video footage of a weekend-long party at Toronto Mayor John Tory’s $10-million North Palm Beach mansion in an exclusive gated community.

Nearly 100,000 Torontonians have watched that video on YouTube alone, seeing the luxury cars coming and going all weekend at Tory’s Florida party palace — while the poors back in Toronto have to stay locked up inside.

Tory denied it was him down there, but when I asked him, in four emails, who was partying at his Florida home, he refused to answer.

But it’s his house. It wasn’t a break-in. It wasn’t maintenance staff or the cleaners — $100,000 luxury cars kept coming and going. Was it his kids? Was it his friends?

And how is that any better than if it was him? Who exactly is Tory covering for?

You and I have to live under lockdowns. Toronto city council just extended that till the summer. But John Tory and his friends are using his North Palm Beach mansion as a little getaway — and even us revealing this scandal isn’t enough to move Caligula to stop it.

They know they’re doing something shameful. It’s not shameful to enjoy a $10-million waterfront property in February. It’s shameful if you sneaked away from Canada to do that, if you’re part of the ruling class, if you’re a family or friend of the mayor. That’s what’s shameful. And it’s shameful that the mayor lets you sneak down there to his own place while he’s locking down the rest of us.

If you’re sick of this lockdown cheater, make sure to sign our petition at www.FireTory.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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