UPDATE: Trudeau flight tracker has his Facebook shut without warning

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Did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fly out of Canada during the Christmastime break? The plot thickens…

You may recall our interview earlier this month with Guy Annable of the Ottawa-based Capital Voice. Guy is all but certain that Trudeau jetted off to a Caribbean destination, perhaps the Turks and Caicos Islands, for some fun in the sun during the winter holidays. Guy bases his hypothesis on diligently tracking flights out of Ottawa during this period. As well, he notes that in early January, a government jet from the Caribbean that landed in Ottawa was met by a five-car motorcade. And really, how many Ottawa VIPs receive that kind of reception?

Well, get this: merely for speculating on the PM’s whereabouts, Guy experienced a slice of cancel culture, when his Facebook page was suddenly deleted. Why? The same old jazz: violating the terms and agreements of the community blah-blah-blah (whatever that means).

Guy wonders if his impolite pondering perhaps triggered Kevin Chan, a senior executive with Facebook Canada and an ex-Liberal Party advisor? If so, it would appear that membership has its privileges, to quote the old American Express tagline.

In the meantime, we still have yet to hear back from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding our very simple and concise question: did Justin Trudeau leave the country during the Christmas holiday period?

And get this: an employee with the Canada Border Services Agency recently reached out to Rebel News. He told us that he overheard a conversation between two Peel Regional Police officers stationed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, in which one told the other that Justin Trudeau was in a plane that was making a stop at Pearson — on the very same day that matches Guy’s flight tracking!

So, did Justin sneak out of the country for a sun-kissed holiday, like so many other hypocritical Canadian politicians? We may never know for sure, but Guy’s evidence and the CBSA employee’s tip sure look damning…

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  • By David Menzies


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