Victorian Liberals silent on Antifa violence while condemning Nazis

Critics accuse the Victorian Liberals of hypocrisy for condemning Neo-Nazi actions, yet ignoring Antifa assaults.

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Victorian Liberals, who expelled Moira Deeming for being at a protest gate crashed by Neo-Nazis, have not said a word about violent Antifa protestors who assaulted journalists in Melbourne at the weekend.

Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini and his cameraman were physically attacked with a flagpole by a large mob of Antifa thugs rallying in Melbourne against a small group of Neo-Nazis protesting outside the Parliament of Victoria.

Antifa turned violent, assaulting Yemini and calling him a Nazi, despite the fact he is a Jew.

Victorian Liberals condemned only the Nazis while pretending the violent Antifa counter-protest did not happen.

In a joint statement, Liberal leader John Pesutto and deputy leader David Southwick said: “Today, Neo-Nazis have again protested on the steps of the Victorian Parliament. The Victorian Liberals and Nationals condemn Neo-Nazi thugs and their toxic bigotry and hate.”

Pesutto and Southwick called the Nazi's “behaviour unacceptable and against the values of an inclusive, tolerant and multicultural community”.

Many online were left wondering why the Liberal leaders did not say a word about so-called ‘anti-fascist’ Antifa groups attacking innocent people in the streets of Melbourne.

Critics argued that if the Liberals are going to condemn extremists, they should condemn all of them, not just those they find politically convenient.

All of this comes as the Moria Deeming saga drags on, with former Prime Minister Tony Abbott telling Sky News he was “utterly dismayed” at Pesutto’s decision to boot her from the party room.

“To the extent that the Liberal Party has a women’s problem, it must have got much, much worse by the expulsion of this brave and smart woman from its own ranks,” he said.

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