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VIEWERS REACT: Conservative Party afraid of questions from Rebel News

Viewers reacted to Conservative Party communications director Cory Hann hiding behind vague claims of “disruption” from Rebel News on last week's episode of Rebel Roundup with David Menzies.

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The Conservative Party of Canada has some mixed feelings when it comes to Rebel News. Sure, there's the odd MP who is willing to answer questions from us — newly re-elected Calgary Shepard MP Tom Kmiec comes to mind — but the party's higher ups behind the scenes are clearly more concerned, often citing non-specific “disruptions” as an excuse for their timidity.

Conservative Party communications director Cory Hann managed to let Rebel's Alexa Lavoie slip through the cracks at one point during the campaign, giving her an opportunity to ask Erin O'Toole a simple question. No disruptions, just a question and an answer.

But there was no answers for Lincoln Jay. And the next time Alexa tried to ask a O'Toole a question she was removed from the premises. David Menzies wound up getting the same treatment at a different event.

On this past week's episode of Rebel Roundup, viewers shared their thoughts to the Conservative Party's decision to avoid questions from Rebel News.

One viewer, Ragman X, said:

Disrupt? A reporter doing actual journalism is “disrupting”? These politicians have gotten far too comfortable playing their little pre-screened PR events for anyone to trust them

Rebel viewer Bill Cox didn't have the highest opinion of Cory Hann:

He is acting like a child. He claims you are disrupting the event but he won't specify how you are doing that. Absolutely pathetic and cowardly.

Full episodes of Rebel Roundup with David Menzies air Friday night at 9 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. MT and are available to subscribers of RebelNews+.

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