Library story time for children now features plump bearded men wearing dresses

Two bearded men wearing drag are going to be featured at the Wasaga Beach Public Library reading stories to children.

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Story time at the Wasaga Beach Public Library will feature two plump, bearded men wearing wigs, grotesque makeup, and dresses, in a display of what was once customarily reserved for adult entertainment.

The current phenomenon that is showcasing drag queen story time to children at publicly-funded institutions like public libraries and public schools rears its head at the small Ontario town renowned as a popular tourist destination, with one of the world's longest freshwater beaches.

Recently, Wasaga Beach Public Library took to Facebook to post the following advertisement:

It’s story time,” the post reads. “Join us for an extra special event with our amazing guests Fay & Fluffy, drag artists and child educators who will inspire a love of reading while teaching important lessons about diversity, self-love, and appreciation for others.

All ages are welcome - come join us! #FayAndFluffy #StoryTime #Diversity #SelfLove #Appreciation.”

The Eventbrite page and registration form welcome people to join the library for Pride Month activities in the park, followed by story time with dynamic drag artists Fay & Fluffy.

The event is to take place on Friday, June 2 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In a video about the drag performers by the magazine Today’s Parent, one of the drag performers, Jean-Paul Kane a.k.a. “Fay,” notes that he is a kindergarten teacher with the Toronto District School Board.

Later, “Fay” and his partner “Fluffy” join Breakfast Television to read stories to children on live air. Fluffy also notes that he works in childcare.

This dynamic duo also hosts “The Fabulous Show with Fay and Fluffy,” described as a “story time cabaret variety show for preschoolers."

The show is hosted by Family Jr, originally a Disney subsidiary, that is now part of the Canadian Family Channel.

On the Family Jr. channel website, it says that its shows are meant to “capture young hearts and minds and inspire imagination and creativity.”

The post by the Wasaga Beach Public Library saw the organization get ‘ratioed’ in the comments, with many citizens from the community asking why this is necessary, or appropriate.

One commenter says that “gender ideology should not be taught to children. Period.”

Another asked, “Why are drag queens interacting/entertaining children? What a shame. Bring back seniors reading to children.”

One parent has a well pointed question: “Can someone clarify when drag switched from sexual, adults only entertainment as we’ve always known it… to kids entertainment?”

Another had two questions: "1) what are the qualifications of these individuals that make them child educators? And 2) why is it necessary that our children be taught about self-love and acceptance by grown men dressed as women specifically?”

The library responded that they are happy to answer questions. “Fay works as a Kindergarten teacher for the Toronto District School Board, and Fluffy works as a childcare provider. It certainly is not a necessity, it is a choice to attend or not, but it does provide a fun and entertaining environment for families to learn about diversity, inclusion and love for all types of people.”

If only there were some other way to learn about diversity, inclusion and love for all types of people without featuring washed-up old men appropriating highly sexualized female features with grotesque make up, hair and attire.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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