WATCH: On location for Pastor Artur Pawlowski's release from jail

After nearly two months of incarceration, Pastor, husband and father Artur Pawlowski is finally home with his family following his release from the Calgary Remand Centre on Wednesday under strict bail conditions.

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After spending 51 days behind bars, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was granted bail on a litany of charges stemming from his preaching at the Coutts border blockade and a series of health order and contempt of court  order violations resulting from Pastor Artur opening his church, feeding the homeless and attending protests allegedly in violation of COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

While Artur is now home, he is far from free, as he is subject to a strict curfew and an effective house arrest aside from times where he is serving his church community as a pastor.

You will be able to watch an exclusive long-form interview with Artur about his harrowing 51 days of incarceration that was recorded shortly after his release, but we were also on location at the Calgary Remand Centre to cover the release itself. As with all things Pastor Artur, authorities added a wrinkle to what should have been a straightforward release.

A crowd comprised of friends, family and congregants was on location to greet Pastor Artur as he left the Remand Centre, which is not at all uncommon when someone is being released. After a delay of an hour or so, Marzena, Artur’s wife, was notified by the corrections officers and relayed the message to all in attendance that if Pastor Artur were to speak with anyone as he was leaving the facility grounds he would be arrested again immediately. Not wanting to jeopardize his release, the crowd cleared out and Marzena and Nathaniel, Artur’s son, picked Artur up at the jail doors, with no one else being allowed near the area, and quickly left the area.

Shockingly, when I approached one of the guards who came out to ensure people were leaving to ask where we as media could position ourselves without compromising Artur’s release — explaining that we had covered pastor releases before without issue — he rudely scoffed. When pressed, he refused to answer and said that he doesn’t talk to Rebel News. At all times we were respectful and compliant, but if this is how they treat media respectfully asking a question on camera with plenty of witnesses, I am no longer surprised at some of the horrible treatment Artur described at the hands of certain guards.

We were able to capture Artur’s release from a distance before we joined him at his home for an extended interview, which, as I mentioned, will be available later today.

It is certainly welcome news to learn that Pastor Artur is at home with his family, but he is far from finished his legal fight. He faces strict bail terms and already has several court dates scheduled for October and November 2022, with more likely to follow. Artur is counting on your support to help pay his legal fees, so if you want to make a tax receipt eligible donation and support his fight for justice, go to

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  • By Adam Soos

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