Exclusive: Interview from behind bars with Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Rebel News spoke with with Pastor Art over the phone from within the Calgary Remand Centre, where he is being held.

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Think what you will about Pastor Artur Pawlowski — love him or hate him — he is gong to continue feeding the homeless and preaching his convictions regardless. When Pastor Artur’s eldest son was very young, he nearly passed away. Doctors had essentially given up hope. In those challenging times, Artur turned to God and said if you save my son, I will commit myself wholly to you.

His son, defying all odds, survived. Artur, true to his word, has been feeding and caring for the homeless and living out his vocation as a pastor without compromise ever since.

His steadfast adherence to his sworn mission has garnered the ire of politicians and authorities who have had Pastor Artur sitting behind bars for several weeks awaiting trial, with bail being denied as he is supposedly to great a liability to be let out.

In the last two years, Artur has been arrested five times and incarcerated three times. All of this as a result of feeding the poor, preaching and opening his church in contravention of mandates and restrictions that are presently being dropped? Pastor Artur’s actions would be considered laudable at any other time, but with COVID-19 restrictions in place, they suddenly merit jailing?

People seem to forget that the homeless people who rely on Pastor Artur’s help don’t stop being cold or hungry just because a COVID-19 restriction is dictated by some myopic health bureaucrat. While others are being let off with warnings and tickets, or in the case of politicians at the Sky Palace no consequences at all, Pastor Artur has been made into public enemy number one.

I was fortunate to be able to arrange an exclusive interview with Pastor Artur over the phone from within the Calgary Remand Centre, where he is being held. He talked about life behind bars, the challenges he is facing at the hands of jail guards, his interactions with inmates in his brief times outside of solitary confinement and about how deeply he misses his family.

Please consider making a tax-receipt eligible donation to Pastor Artur’s legal defence through The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, by visiting SaveArtur.com today. Your donation will help pay for the incredible legal team at JSS Barristers, including Sarah Miller, who are working tirelessly to secure Artur’s release.

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