WATCH: Police FAIL to shut down NSW Freedom Ball

Despite a late change of venue and pressure from the NSW Force, the event goes off without a hitch

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It was touch-and-go for a few hours, but the highly anticipated ‘Freedom Ball’ went ahead on Wednesday night – the same day that New South Wales removed most restrictions on unvaccinated citizens.

The mainstream press pitched it as some sort of conspiracy theory, far-right, anti-government, pro-Putin gathering, but in reality, it was a celebration of Australian liberty attended by prominent figures in the freedom movement.

New South Wales police, including a superintendent who refused to comment, descended on the original venue when they found out who would be attending the event. Police then put the owners under immense pressure to cancel – which they did.

Once word of the Freedom Ball became public in the mainstream news, online trolls and bullies began threatening management and staff at the venue.

Instead of police using their social media task force (set up during Covid to track down Freedom protesters) against these pro-mandatory vaccination trolls, they showed up at Le Montage instead.

Le Montage cancelled the Freedom Ball after staff became too frightened to work.

Watch as NSW police tried their best to cancel the event:

At the last minute, another venue in Western Sydney was found. As soon as police found out that the Westella Renaissance were hosting the Freedom Ball, they showed up on their doorstep as well. This time, the intimidation from New South Wales police did not work.

The police were saying that it’s some form of fancy government protest,” said Michael Khattar, from the Westella Renaissance. “I don’t see how a bunch of people having dinner is an anti-government protest.

We’re the providers of fun – this is what we’re supposed to be doing here. Weddings, events…

The new location did not have any problem with their staff. Despite the chaos of venue changes, the Freedom Ball went off without a hitch.

A few hours ago, 90% of the people in this room didn’t know that this venue existed, because all day the owners of this venue have been under immense pressure by the police,” said Freedom Ball host, the Aussie Cossack aka Simeon Boikov.

Perhaps the government was right to be worried.

While the Freedom Ball was not a protest event, it was a rising political movement made up of ex-blue ribbon Liberals, National Party voters, disaffected unionists, and libertarians. There was also a number of recent arrivals to the political scene who were thrown out of their jobs due to Covid health orders.

Unlike destructive Antifa or Black Lives Matter political movements, the feeling of the room was one of ‘restoration’. The night was about fighting for the inalienable rights of all Australians, and a return to normality after two years of Covid.

I wanted to know what the issues were,” said Michael Khattar, when his venue was first attended by police. “They [the police] said that there’s going to be opposing opposition. So I said, ‘look, okay, I’ll ramp up security outside and I’ll make sure nobody gets into the function that isn’t invited.”

Rebel News caught up with the small police presence outside the function centre on the night of the ball. One of the young officers refused to engage in a conversation about what had happened to the Freedom Ball.

I’m not getting involved in a political argument with you, sir,” said the police officer, while standing outside a political event that they had actively tried to cancel on multiple occasions. “It’s that simple. What’s the point of me arguing with you? There’s no point.

I would say, what’s the point of you being here at the Freedom Ball?” replied the Aussie Cossack.

There’s no reason,” the officer admitted.

Michael Khattar of Renaissance Westella explained that they could not afford to turn away big events like this after years of Covid shutdowns.

Oh mate, if I tell you how close we were to the bank knocking on our doors – it’s ridiculous,” said Michael Khattar. “We need every single dollar that can come into the place, absolutely, we’re desperate at the moment.

This sort of business in the events industry, it’s not like a restaurant where you can close up and open for takeaway. When we’re closed, we’re closed. That’s it. We don’t have restaurants that we open for takeaway.

We were shut for four months with not a dollar of income and spending twenty-thirty grand a week in overheads. It’s difficult. It’s very very difficult to get through. And now that we’re here, it’s not nice to be questioned about what sort of events we’re having.”

The Aussie Cossack put on a great show. The Freedom Ball quickly began what other conservative functions have been trying to do for a few years, but didn’t quite manage it – fun.

‘Fun’ is desperately needed after years of fighting against an unprecedented level of authoritarianism in Australia.

We won again,” insisted the Aussie Cossack. “Every time the cops try and do this, they lose. They don’t learn.”

This saga looks particularly bad for New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet.

On the very day that New South Wales is meant to be embracing freedom and moving forward together as equal citizens again, Perrottet had the police out hunting down a freedom event.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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