What does German MEP Christine Anderson fear most about Agenda 2030?

'The whole thing with a COVID pass was really just a test balloon to get people used to showing something wherever they went,' said Anderson. 'And if you want to have a look at what it looks like once a Digital ID is implemented and what life will be like for people, just take a look at what's happening in China. That's not how I want to live.'

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Christine Anderson, a member of the European Parliament, came to Canada to meet people who stood up against the regime of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. She recently became known to Canadians for criticizing Trudeau during his visit to the European Parliament in March 2022.

The latter also followed the Freedom Convoy that occupied the centre of Ottawa for three weeks before it was dismantled by the police following the invocation of the Emergencies Act.

Christine Anderson was in Canada for about 10 days. She arrived on Canadian soil on February 16. During her visit, Mrs. Anderson wanted to meet several Canadians who stood up to Justin Trudeau’s government. 

She has travelled to different provinces in Canada and has held several events and conferences. Anderson was in Montreal on February 24 and we conducted two different interviews. 

The first was to find out what Anderson had to say about Pierre Poilievre's criticism, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. 

Now, in our second interview, we discuss Agenda 2030, where different approaches by governments are made around the world to impose different control measures on citizens. We talk about digital identity, 15-minute cities, bug diet, the WHO pandemic treaty, and more.

Christine Anderson has a strong opinion on these topics, please watch the video for the full report!

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