German MEP Christine Anderson discusses Pierre Poilievre's criticism, Islam, and freedom

In response to Poilievre's criticism towards her, Anderson responded by saying, 'Mr. Poilievre has no business being the leader of the opposition because he’s actually doing Mr. Trudeau's bidding, and he should seriously reconsider.'

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Christine Anderson, a member of the European Parliament came to Canada to meet people who stood up against the regime of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

She arrived in Canada on February 16 and left on February 25. During this time, Christine Anderson visited multiple cities in different provinces across Canada. She also met with three different conservative MPs, Colin Carrie, Leslyn Lewis and Dean Allison. The dinner was set-up in Toronto area on February 21.

On February 24, Brian Lilley, political columnist for Toronto Sun, published a tweet of Pierre Poilievre’s statement in regards to Christine Anderson visit in Canada.

Rebel News sat down with Anderson for an interview regarding Poilievre’s criticisms. We first asked how the dinner with the conservative MPs went, she answered, “It was excellent, actually. We had a great time. We got along pretty well.”

We followed up with how she is responding to Pierre Poilievre’s criticisms calling her view’s as 'vile and racist.'

Anderson said:

It really saddens me that he would actually use the same language that Mr. Trudeau or all governments in Western democracies would use to slander me […] Then I will have to tell Mr. Poilievre he has no business being the leader of the opposition because he’s actually doing Mr. Trudeau bidding, and he should seriously reconsider.

We also questioned her about a picture circulating on Twitter of her doing a weird salute while holding the Diagolon flag.

She answered:

To be quite honest, I actually had a blast doing it because I was told they are comedians and literally made a mockery of this whole government agenda [… ] No one gets to define me. I know what I stand for. I know exactly who I am. I know what I am fighting for, and it’s freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

We did question Madame Anderson for multiple questions, here in this report you will have access to the full interview between Alexa Lavoie and Christine Anderson.

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