Why is the NDP so inconsistent with its treatment of independent press?

Rachel Emmanuel from True North joined Ezra Levant to talk about the Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP)’s demonization of independent media, and why she seems to be an exception.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by True North reporter Rachel Emmanuel to discuss NDP leader Rachel Notley kicking out an independent reporter at her press conference on Monday. 

Ezra asked Rachel why she thinks she’s avoided being demonized by the NDP, and has still been allowed into their press conferences while other independent journalists are kicked out.

One of my colleagues Andrew Lawton suggested that perhaps they want to allow True North to ask questions because then they can't be seen as ‘well, they're just completely barring all conservative media outlets.’ It's just simply maybe they are barring some that they consider too fringe and they can kind of argue with that by allowing us to ask questions. So there are a couple of working theories there, we don't have an exact answer. And even now when I go to the press conferences, I'm always kind of like, am I gonna get a question in today? But the last two I've been to, they've actually handed me the mic to ask my question. So it certainly seems like kind of an up-in-the-air policy.

She explained how the Alberta NDP doesn’t take her media requests.

They said to me, we actually don't deal with True North and that is a policy of the provincial party here in Alberta. So now they're in a situation where I'm showing up at all these press conferences along with a host of other independent journalists and they have to decide what it is they're going to do with me.

Rachel went on to tell him how she got Rachel Notley to respond to her questions after being excluded from the lineup of mainstream media reporters. 

I had driven all the way to the press conference and I hadn't got any questions in, in a very long time. So I did what any good reporter would do, and I just kind of yelled my question out. It was a pretty small room. They were, of course broadcasting their press conference, they couldn't really avoid it. And to her credit, Rachel Notley did answer my question and then I proceeded with a follow-up. And so at that point, maybe they decided it was just going to be easier for them to let me ask questions.

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