World Health Summit Day 2: An Insiders Perspective

Five Rebels are bringing you reports from the World Health Summit (WHS) 2022, and we're also bringing daily overviews as our exclusive coverage continues.

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Alexa Lavoie brought you the day 1 overview at, a special website where you can follow our reports and help assist us with covering travel expenses.

Even though the WHS claims to welcome all media, it appears that only friendly media are formally accredited. 

Since we’re Rebels, we managed to gain exclusive access inside of the event to rub shoulders with the health overlords.

While rubbing shoulders is a figure of speech, it can also be taken quite literally in context of this summit. 

For instance, a “no name” attendee got handsy with me when I ask him some casual questions. Later, Director General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom, swooped in and put his arm around me before he realized that I’m a skeptic.

It’s unsurprising that another guest of the WHS alleges that she was sexually assaulted at the summit on Twitter.

Tedros then sent his condolences and shock via the platform. He hopes that the guest will reach out to the WHO and report the WHO so that they can investigate themselves.

Aside from the weedy sexual assault allegations, The WHS was centered around the reoccurring themes of digitization of health, sustainable development goals, and pandemic preparedness. 

The goal appears to have an even more coordinated and orchestrated global health response plan by prioritizing politics in health, which may be more aptly named “political science.”

Day 2 was all about “GAME CHANGERS” – the main topics were on “Architecture for pandemic preparedness” and “A new lens on investment in health and well-being.” 

Stay tuned for the day 3 overview by Drea Humphrey, and even more insider reports at


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