20-year-old Albertan didn’t die from COVID-19 — Media Party misinformed the public

20-year-old didn’t die from COVID, MSM misinformed the public
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News that a 20-year-old young adult dying from COVID-19 spread like wildfire throughout Alberta and the rest of Canada throughout the week of September 10th. Young adults and their parents were horrified to think that they were at risk of death from the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Perhaps the lockdowns were justified after all, some thought. Perhaps the economy should grind to a halt again. If a 20-year-old can die – so can you.

At least that is what the mainstream media wanted you to think. The news was on headline after headline, all the nightly newscasts were talking about this death — until Alberta Health ruled that the death had nothing to do with COVID-19. Then it was nothing but silence from the press.

They don’t profit from retractions, you see. They profit off terrifying suburban mothers and convincing the population that small businesses should be closed — after all, it is not just your grandparents at risk, it is your kids, too! Or so they said.

In reality, the 20-year-old man succumbed to a chronic condition which has not been revealed by the government in order to protect the individual’s privacy.

Since the original publications in the mainstream media, this fake news has been quietly removed from all mainstream media sources except for Global News, which issued a correction on the week-old story.

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