'We farmers need to stand together': Feds take aim at Pennsylvania organic farmer

Despite being raided by armed U.S. Marshals and facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, Amos Miller explained that farmers need to stand strong.

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Recently, Miller’s Organic Farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania was raided by armed federal agents. They demanded the farm cease operations and are economically crippling the business with over $300,000 in fines.

The government is arguing that the farm isn’t adhering to federal regulatory requirements for food.

The water buffalo, the cattle, and even the camels are living and being processed in the way, as Miller argues, that God intended.

All of the animals on the farm eat fully organic diets, munching only on the wild plants, flowers, and the bugs in their pasture.

Veteran journalist, Michael Yoder, is a long-time customer of Amos Miller’s farm and has been closely covering the story for a local newspaper.

“I think they want to use Amos as an example,” Yoder said.

He explained that the government wants to make sure other farmers don’t attempt to replicate what Miller’s Farm succeeded in doing.

“Miller is selling his meat and dairy directly to the consumer, without the government acting as the middleman. The government doesn’t have as much control over this type of operation,” Yoder explained.

Amos Miller explained to me that because his farm doesn’t use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or patented seeds which are chiefly manufactured by industry giants with strong ties to the government, they’re using the power of the government to shut him down.

“Corporate America is taking over and putting people in our government…they have the government on their side and they’re making it harder for farmers to be farmers,” said Amos Miller.

Miller is legally arguing that because he’s selling to what he calls a “private food club” and not the open market, certain rules and regulations of the federal government don't apply to him.

The customers are buying meat and dairy from his farm explicitly because his food isn’t processed and manufactured at giant industrial facilities and instead is grown, fed, and processed right here on the land.

“Some come from Florida, California, North Carolina, basically all over the country because they are seeking nutrient-dense foods like raw meat and raw buffalo milk…and they trust us for keeping our animals out on pastures and they can actually see the color in the fat of the beef and the distinct color of the milk…this color comes from the nutrient density of the animals feeding grass,” Miller explained to Rebel News.

Amos, despite being raided by armed U.S. Marshals and facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, explained that farmers need to stand strong.

“We farmers need to stand together and stand strong and we can’t just fall for the government’s rules and regulations,” he added.

Visit www.LeaveThemAlone.com to sign our petition in support of Amos and Miller’s Organic Farm.

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