Alberta turkey farm invader in court: Why does Maxwell Ming Mah have a Toronto lawyer?

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The likely ring leader of the Turkey Bandits who raided a pacifist Hutterite colony's Jumbo Valley Turkey Farm in southern Alberta to stage a sit-in before taking off with some stolen birds in 2019 has retained a lawyer from Toronto.

Today it was announced that the Doug Schweitzer's Crown prosecution would proceed summarily, meaning the bandits would not get more than 6 months in prison if convicted.

Maxwell Ming Mah, who was found to have been a Global Edmonton employee at the time of the invasion, was the only accused to appear in court today. The others were represented by locally retained counsel.

I’m a proud Albertan and this story disgusts me to my core. If justice is not brought against these radicals, I think our farmers are going to continue to be harassed — but that’s also why it’s imperative to keep exposing them, their funding streams and their alleged crimes.

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  • By David Menzies

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