Alberta high school calls RCMP on student without mask

Alberta high school calls RCMP on student without mask

According to the family of Jordan Wedlund, the Grade 12 student had the police called on him after he refused to wear a mask upon entering a Stettler, Alberta high school.

A post made by the student's mother, Sabrina, on Facebook read:

[Jordan] walked into the Stettler High School this morning refusing to wear a mask and said he was here to get a education and was going to his class. Masks don’t do anything. The staff argued with him for a few minutes and then decided to phone the RCMP to escort him out of the school.

The incident in question occurred on the first day back from summer holidays.

As reported by Life Site News, Wedlund refused a mask that was offered to him, saying, “I’m here to get an education, I’m going to my class.”

Apparently, according to the report, Wedlund made it just a few steps inside before the principal stopped him.

The 17-year-old senior was spoken to by the school principal and ordered again to wear a mask. Wedlund again declined. When Wedlund began heading towards his classroom, the school administration called the police.

The RCMP responded to a call from the school and arrived on location, but the student had already left the building of his own accord.

Masks in Alberta are mandatory in schools but may be taken off in classrooms if there is the ability to physically distance from each other.