“Never!” Alberta Justice Minister rejects Calgary Mayor's COVID snitch line idea

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As Alberta grapples with moderate restrictions on day-to-day activities, Calgary's mayor is apparently furious that the restrictions don't go far enough. 

“Right now, the province has made a decision and we will push on that decision,” Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said. “Police and peace officers will use their judgment, but we should know that gatherings of over 10 are not contemplated under the current restrictions.”

He then announced that 311 would be repurposed to become a snitch line of sorts. 

While the media reported that he requested everyone not to call it a “snitch line,” he did ask that Calgarians start reporting their friends, family and neighbours to the government, should they have any unapproved gatherings in their homes.

While you may have used 311 in the past to report a pothole, Nenshi now wants you to use this line to inform government agents about your fellow citizens who do not fall in line.

The province's Minister of Justice Kaycee Madu responded to the brazen act by Calgary's mayor, saying “Albertans will not snitch on one another. That is not who we are.” He added that as minister of justice, he would never allow the provincial government to set up a similar snitch line.

Watch my interview with Minister Madu. 

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