Alberta Lawyer comments on Chris Scott's ongoing legal battle

Litigation Specialist Chad Williamson spoke to Ezra on the scene in Red Deer, Alberta, where a hearing took place involving Chris Scott, the owner of Whistle Stop Café.

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"What an atrocious waste of resources I have just witnessed," said Ezra. "I spent half a day in the courthouse here in Red Deer, Alberta, besides the judge, and the clerk, and the officers, and everyone. There were seven lawyers inside litigating the case of Chris Scott, the businessman and restaurateur of the Whistle Stop Café in the tiny town of mere Alberta, population 502."

"As you know, Chris Scott is a mere human being and thus cannot afford to defend himself against the unlimited resources of the state. That's where the dream team comes in."

Litigation Specialist Chad Williamson joined Ezra on the scene in Red Deer, Alberta, to talk about the ongoing hearing involving Chris Scott, the owner of the Whistle Stop Diner, and the government.

Chad said that this is the "first part of a multipart disclosure application."

He continued:

And for any of the viewers that had remembered some of the prior proceedings during the cross-examination of the Alberta health inspector, Mr. Ian Plischke is one of the central figures that was in Chris Scott's life for the four or five months preceding the charges that got dropped.

During the cross-examination, we simply asked him if there were any internal emails, if they had had internal correspondence and discussions about Chris Scott in collecting evidence and about enforcement of Alberta Health Service mandates.

And he said, 'Yeah, we were.' And we said, 'Did you provide those to the Crown as you're required to do?' And he said, 'No, we didn't.' And then we said, 'We'd like to see those, please. And that's what's brought us down this path today.'

We did get the emails, we got about 600/700 pages of them. We think they're not flattering to Alberta Health Services.

And that's what spurred the further disclosure because within those emails, they've now mentioned that there was meeting notes and there's a whole bunch of other materials alluded to in the emails that were not provided in that batch of emails. So this is the first of many returns, I suppose, to the court on this particular matter.

Ezra added that there were five government lawyers saying do not show the records and there's a lot of layers here.

The Whistle Stop Diner case serves as a stark reminder of the potential abuses of power and the importance of standing up against the unlimited resources of the State. As the hearing continues, Chris Scott and his lawyers remain committed to uncovering the truth and fighting for justice.

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