Alberta's original restaurant rebel still fighting for freedom at the Whistle Stop Cafe

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Remember Chris Scott from the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror, Alberta, population 500?

He reopened his diner in defiance of the lockdown restrictions on dine-in restaurant service way back in January. The provincial government had closed restaurant dining rooms in the middle of December, and were dragging their heels on reopening the industry, so Chris took matters into his own hands.

Chris endured Alberta Health Services closure notices, constant RCMP surveillance of his business and almost daily visits from AHS inspectors. He was issued a summons to appear to answer for defying the public health orders, and the provincial government was granted a court order to enforce the original closure order.

But Chris didn't close. He could have served jail time if he were found in contempt of that court order, but he didn't blink. And eventually the Alberta government reopened restaurant dining rooms after being dragged to the decision, kicking and screaming, by an army of restaurants inspired by Chris to reopen their doors too.

It was a restaurant rebellion victory, with the help of lawyer Chad Williamson, who Rebel News hired at no cost to Chris through

However, the Alberta government has now closed indoor dining services one more time, putting Chris Scott back in a standoff with the government. Chris is unwilling to close, and the government wants to make an example of him.

I went to Mirror to talk to Chris about the Alberta government’s threats to bring him under the thumb of the health bureaucracy. The Whistle Stop remains as busy as ever, and Chris remains firm in his conviction to do what's right, no matter what kind of bullying the government has in store for him.

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  • By David Menzies

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